3 RIFLES In the US on Exercise Rattlesnake

3RIFLES-Ex-Rattlesnake_350_x_199200 soldiers from 3 RIFLES headed to the United States to join American troops on a major training exercise in Louisiana.

The soldiers joined their American counterparts from 1/501 Battalion part of the 4/25 (Airborne) Infantry Brigade Combat Team at the Joint Readiness Training Centre in Fort Polk, Louisiana on ‘Exercise Rattlesnake’ – a large scale collective infantry training exercise.

Major Chris Dadd, B Company Commander, said: “It’s an honour to be given this unique opportunity to train alongside American forces. The soldiers from Bravo Company have spent the last four months training throughout the UK in preparation for the exercise. “They will be given the chance to test their full range of military skills during the brigade level exercise and hopefully find the experience very rewarding…”

The troops have just finished the first phase of the exercise, conducting live firing. The exercise is validating the american Airborne Task Force in their ability to perform forced entry operations and follow-on missions and despite the pouring rain at times the exercise so far has been very successful. One of the new platoon commanders said ‘the live firing was great with loads of assets thrown into it’.  

The partnered exercise will ensure UK troops can easily work alongside different nations and transition to a joint role, as and when required, and will enable both forces to share experience and knowledge, refine their skills and utilise different capabilities.