Band & Bugles

The Band of The Rifles is based in Sir John Moore Barracks, Winchester, Hampshire. The Band is part of the Corps of Army Music. It is supported by Buglers drawn from across the Regiment.

The Band maintain traditions dating back over 200 years, including the use of the silver bugle and the distinctly fast marching speed of 140 paces per minute.


The Bugle Platoon comprises 20 Riflemen from the five regular RIFLES Battalions. Riflemen can be posted to the Band and Bugles on completion of an 18-week Bugle Course at the Army School of Ceremonial in Catterick.

As far back as the Napoleonic Wars, the earliest Riflemen used bugles rather than drums to communicate orders on the battlefield.

They were also able to react rapidly to orders by marching at a quickened pace or even marching at the double.

Latest News and Events

The Hampshire Festival of Remembrance. To see what the Band and Bugles of The Rifles are up to visit their facebook page

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