The Rifles Regimental Headquarters

RHQ Peninsula BarracksThe Regimental Headquarters is located in Winchester and is responsible for the effective running of Regimental affairs.  In support of the central RHQ there are a number of Rifles County/Regional Offices located in the traditional areas where The Rifles continue to recruit their Regular and Reserve soldiers.

Together, the RHQ and the Regional/County Offices provide focal points in the Regimental heartlands in order to manage the affairs of the Regiment across the 5 Pillars (Regulars, Reserves, Cadets, Associations and the communities) that support our Riflemen.

The RHQ’s main functional areas include: Officer Recruiting, Welfare and Benevolence (Care for Casualties), Communications, Finance, Regimental Projects and Heritage (property, chattels and The Rifles Collection).

RHQ and County Offices