Riflemen Undertake Public Order Training


Around 150 Riflemen from A and B Company 4 Rifles carried out a week long training exercise focusing on public order in the area of Longmoor.

The training is designed to test the abilities of sub units and small teams in dealing with large crowds and aggression from a civilian population.

IMG_4378The scenarios vary between dealing with peaceful protests to large scale riots where the Riflemen have to think and adapt quickly to ever evolving situations.  “It’s good to see the Riflemen outside of their comfort zone and learning new skills,” said Lt Steve Burton from A Company.


“Everyone has enjoyed deploying on a training exercise that presents different challenges to what we usually do,” he added “4 Rifles are at the start of their ‘High Readiness Year’ which sees the Battalion ready to deploy any time, anywhere.” Following this training, if required, the Battalion will be able to deploy ready to deal with public order situations in the future.