The New Chairman

Jan 29, 2018

The New Chairman


I have just taken over as the Chairman of the Light Infantry Committee from General Brims to whom we are deeply indebted for his tremendous leadership and mentorship over these last 16 years.  He was initially our Colonel of the Regiment and then became the Chairman after the formation of The Rifles.  General Brims, along with the Colonels Commandant of the other forming Regiments, did a superb job in forging the new regiment.  The Rifles is now one of the best, if not the best infantry regiment in the British Army; we can be very proud of it and the part which we played in its creation.  Your past service with the Light Infantry is still really valued too.  I will ensure the Light Infantry is not forgotten but remains an integral part of the larger Rifles’ family with its five pillars:  regulars, reserves, associations, cadets and the community.

We have over 40 Rifles and Light Infantry Associations across the country and I would like to publically thank all of you who give up your time and expend a great deal of effort in maintaining the connections with our officers and soldiers; it really is important.  We must also ensure those leaving The Rifles feel included as this will strengthen the regimental ties and also help maintain the vibrancy of our associations over time, both physically and virtually. 

I look forward to meeting you (ideally at the reunion!) and serving as your Chairman; it is a great honour to have been asked to represent you.  

Lt Gen T P Evans CB CBE DSO  

The Light Infantry Committee

exampleThe Light Infantry Committee formed in spring 2007 after the formation of The Rifles. It is responsible for looking after the interests of The Light Infantry: its people and heritage. The Committee is made up from former members of the Regiment including former members of the Regimental Headquarters. Although The Light Infantry Funds were handed over to The Rifles, the Committee has Trustee responsibilities for ring-fenced funds that support Regimental activities. The main event is the Annual Reunion.


The Light Infantry Club

exampleThe LI Club was established in 1933 for Officers for 'sporting and social purposes and to further the common interests of the Light Infantry Regiments'. On the formation of The Light Infantry in 1968 it effectively became the Officers Association of the Regiment. Since the formation of The Rifles in 2007 it remains in being exclusively for social purposes and the sporting activities, which took place under the auspices of the Club have passed to The Rifles Officers Club.


Light Infantry Associations

exampleThere are currently 44 Association branches, many of which have linked themselves to the new Regiment. The Association branches are coordinated through the former Light Infantry offices in Durham, Pontefract, Shrewsbury, Taunton and Bodmin. There are no Central Funds supporting branches but the coordination and identity are overseen by The County Secretary in the area concerned.



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