Jun 21, 2018

Regimental Shooting has taken huge leap forward this year, seeing all Regular and Reserve Battalions qualifying through their Divisions for a place on the Army Operational Shooting Competition AOSC, Bisley.  Competition at this year's Regular AOSC has been more intense than ever, with greater participation resulting in an even higher standard required to break into the Army top 100.  Despite this 13 Riflemen has achieved this accolade and can now wear their Army 100 badges with pride.

Congratulation to the following Riflemen who have achieved Army Top 100

2 Cpl Stanton 4 RIFLES
10 LCpl Delport 4 RIFLES
15 Rfn Gilett 4 RIFLES
18 Rfn Eggett 4 RIFLES
25 Rfn Gurung 4 RIFLES
30 Rfn Galloway 4 RIFLES
33 Rfn Halliwell 4 RIFLES
50 Cpl Puma-Gurung 5 RIFLES AGC
52 Lt Lancashire 3 RIFLES
54 Rfn Cain 3 RIFLES
88 Capt Topham 4 RIFLES
91 Rfn Banning 3 RIFLES
96 LCpl Kotze 3 RIFLES








Our 5 Regular Battalions throughout the week have also been competing in the Army Inter Unit Championship against 40 other teams.  The Inter Unit Competition sees 8-man teams take part in Fire Team Close Combat, Section Building, Fire Team Combat Snap, Moving Target and Machine Gun shoots, with shots on target accumulating towards their team and individual score.

As the last shots were fired our teams lined up as follows:

4 RIFLES, 2nd on 16299 points, just 321 points behind first place 2 RGR

3 RIFLES, 7th on 14432 points

5 RIFLES A, 23rd on 12836 points

2 RIFLES, 36th on 11226 points

1 RIFLES, 41st on 10560 points

5 RIFLES B, 42nd on 10538 points

A huge congratulation to all teams and firers, some who have only come together as a team in the last few weeks. 

Good luck to our Reserve Battalions who line up this weekend in the Reserve competition, we look forward to reporting on their results soon.

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