Bands and Bugles

The Bands and Bugles of the Rifles uphold traditions dating back as far as the Napoleonic Wars.  Instead of using the cumbersome drum, the earliest Riflemen used bugles to communicate orders on the battlefield.

The bands have evolved a unique style of music to match The Rifles' faster than normal marching pace at 140 paces per minute, maintaining the tradition of the Rifles motto “Swift and Bold”.  Our regiment’s emblem of the silver bugle features heavily within the bands' bugles, on our buttons, as part of our cap badge and is the name of one of our most popular marches:  Silver Bugles.

There are three bands in the Rifles: The regular (fulltime) Band & Bugles of the Rifles, and two Reserve bands, the Salamanca band based in Exeter with 6 RIFLES and the Waterloo Band, based with 7 RIFLES in Oxford.  The contact details are below:


The Band & Bugles of The Rifles

WO2 Scott Parkinson

Tel: 01962 888 805



The Salamanca Band & Bugles of The Rifles

WO2 Richard Cregan

Tel: 01392 492458

Mob: 07786395029



The Waterloo Band & Bugles of The Rifles

Sjt Jackie Mann

Tel: 01235 548028


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