Swift Privacy and Cancellation

Privacy Policy 


  1. Your personal information is gathered and held on Swift for the sole purpose of Swift: your signing up for the service is your consent for Swift to hold your data. We do not, and will not, export your data to third parties.


  1. Where data is exported from Swift, it is by designated administrators, and solely for the management of an event that originated on Swift.  Such exports are destroyed immediately after the relevant event.  This includes data of non-members (see below).


  1. In the instance where the personal details of non-members are gathered in Swift (specifically where a member has invited guests to an event), such data will remain hidden from other members of Swift, and only used by designated administrators in the management of that event (as we have a legitimate interest in understanding who will be attending our events).  


  1. You have control over your specific personal data on Swift.  As standard, Swift will send you a weekly email with updates from the Swift network, you can turn this off in your profile settings.  Also as standard, your home town and contact details will be visible to other Swift users.  You can opt to hide your contact details in your profile, although your home town (not your detailed address) will always be visible to other signed-in users.  We will destroy your data if you choose to terminate your membership.  You can cancel your membership instantly at any time by emailing admin@the-rifles.co.uk  
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