Roll of Honour

The Rifles Roll of Honour records any RIFLES soldier or officer, Regular or Reserve, who was killed on operations, or who dies as a consequence of operations, or who dies as a result of terrorist activity.

Number Rank Name Battalion Date Location
25208138 Rfn DL (Daniel) COFFEY 2 RIFLES 27-Feb-07 Iraq
25217232 Rfn A (Aaron) LINCOLN 2 RIFLES 02-Apr-07 Iraq
25218221 Rfn P (Paul) DONNACHIE 2 RIFLES 29-Apr-07 Iraq
25126965 Cpl J (Jeremy) BROOKES 4 RIFLES 21-May-07 Iraq
25030966 Cpl RL (Rodney) WILSON 4 RIFLES 06-Jun-07 Iraq
547597 Maj PHG (Paul) HARDING 4 RIFLES 19-Jun-07 Iraq
25096902 Cpl JC (John) RIGBY 4 RIFLES 22-Jun-07 Iraq
25172135 Rfn EFS (Edward) VAKABUA 4 RIFLES 06-Jul-07 Iraq
30053654 Rfn SW (Stuart) NASH 1 RIFLES 17-Dec-08 Afghanistan
25131626 Sjt CJ (Christopher) REED 6 RIFLES 01-Jan-09 Afghanistan    
25183168 Cpl R (Richard) ROBINSON 1 RIFLES 17-Jan-09 Afghanistan
25029671 Cpl D (Daniel) NIELD 1 RIFLES 30-Jan-09 Afghanistan
25156160 LCpl SM (Stephen) KINGSCOTT 1 RIFLES 16-Feb-09 Afghanistan
25133489 Cpl TJ (Tom) GADEN 1 RIFLES 25-Feb-09 Afghanistan
30047957 LCpl P (Paul) UPTON 1 RIFLES 25-Feb-09 Afghanistan
30036244 Rfn JD (Jamie) GUNN 1 RIFLES 25-Feb-09 Afghanistan
25107213 Rfn A (Adrian) SHELDON 2 RIFLES 07-May-09    Afghanistan
30011938 Rfn C (Cyrus) THATCHER 2 RIFLES 02-Jun-09 Afghanistan
25218901 Lt PD (Paul) MERVIS 2 RIFLES 12-Jun-09 Afghanistan
30018965 Rfn D (Daniel) HUME 4 RIFLES 09-Jul-09 Afghanistan
30023206 Rfn WH (William) ALDRIDGE 2 RIFLES 10-Jul-09 Afghanistan
30034316 Rfn JRK (James) BACKHOUSE 2 RIFLES 10-Jul-09 Afghanistan
25180131 Cpl JS (Jonathan) HORNE 2 RIFLES 10-Jul-09 Afghanistan
30012254 Rfn JW (Joseph) MURPHY 2 RIFLES 10-Jul-09 Afghanistan
30029222 Rfn D (Daniel) SIMPSON 2 RIFLES 10-Jul-09 Afghanistan
30039729 Rfn A (Aminiasi) TOGE 2 RIFLES 16-Jul-09 Afghanistan
30012104 Rfn DC (Daniel) WILD 2 RIFLES 13-Aug-09 Afghanistan
565460 Capt MJ (Mark) HALE 2 RIFLES 13-Aug-09 Afghanistan
25061538 Sjt PJR (Paul) McALEESE 2 RIFLES 20-Aug-09 Afghanistan
25105405 Sjt SK (Stuart) McGRATH 2 RIFLES 16-Sep-09 Afghanistan
25135327 Sjt P (Phillip) SCOTT 3 RIFLES 05-Nov-09 Afghanistan
30082892 Rfn PJ (Philip) ALLEN 2 RIFLES 07-Nov-09 Afghanistan
30063886 Rfn SJ (Samuel) BASSETT 4 RIFLES 08-Nov-09 Afghanistan
25232737 Rfn AI (Andrew) FENTIMAN 7 RIFLES 15-Nov-09 Afghanistan
25180335 LCpl DLA (David) KIRKNESS 3 RIFLES 15-Dec-09 Afghanistan
30083907 Rfn JS (James) BROWN 3 RIFLES 15-Dec-09 Afghanistan
25212382 LCpl C (Christopher) RONEY 3 RIFLES 22-Dec-09 Afghanistan
25223547 Rfn A (Aidan) HOWELL 3 RIFLES 28-Dec-09 Afghanistan
25053532 Cpl L (Lee) BROWNSON, CGC 3 RIFLES 15-Jan-10 Afghanistan
30069956 Rfn L (Luke) FARMER 3 RIFLES 15-Jan-10 Afghanistan
25221172 Rfn PAS (Peter) ALDRIDGE 4 RIFLES 22-Jan-10 Afghanistan
25196447 L/Cpl DD (Daniel) COOPER 3 RIFLES 24-Jan-10 Afghanistan
30041235 Rfn M (Mark) MARSHALL 6 RIFLES 14-Feb-10 Afghanistan
30024053 Rfn MJR (Martin) KINGGETT 4 RIFLES 25-Feb-10 Afghanistan
30022229 Rfn CF (Carlo) APOLIS 4 RIFLES 01-Mar-10 Afghanistan
25174818 Cpl RP (Richard) GREEN 3 RIFLES 02-Mar-10 Afghanistan
30072063 Rfn JM (Jonathon) ALLOTT 3 RIFLES 05-Mar-10 Afghanistan
30048097 Rfn LW (Liam) MAUGHAN 3 RIFLES 06-Mar-10 Afghanistan
25176346 LCpl TB (Thomas) KEOGH 4 RIFLES 07-Mar-10 Afghanistan
25060862 Cpl SP (Stephen) THOMPSON 1 RIFLES 07-Mar-10 Afghanistan
25080204 Sjt S (Steven) CAMPBELL 3 RIFLES 22-Mar-10 Afghanistan
25227113 Rfn DJ (Daniel) HOLKHAM 3 RIFLES 27-Mar-10 Afghanistan
25216154 Rfn M (Mark) TURNER 3 RIFLES 04-Apr-10 Afghanistan
551249 Maj JJ (James) BOWMAN RIFLES Att 1 RGR 13-Jul-10 Afghanistan
24888181 C/Sjt KC (Kevin) FORTUNA 1 RIFLES 23-May-11 Afghanistan
25179873 Rfn MJ (Martin) LAMB 1 RIFLES 05-Jun-11 Afghanistan
25049121 Cpl MA (Mark) PALIN 1 RIFLES 18-Jul-11 Afghanistan
25213428 Lt DJ (Daniel) CLACK 1 RIFLES 12-Aug-11 Afghanistan
25048995 LCpl JJ (Jonathan) MCKINLAY 1 RIFLES 14-Sep-11 Afghanistan
25195292 LCpl P (Peter) EUSTACE 2 RIFLES 16-Nov-11 Afghanistan
30053959 Rfn SLJ (Sheldon) STEEL 5 RIFLES 27-Nov-11 Afghanistan
C900969F  Lt AR (Andrew) CHESTERMAN 3 RIFLES 09-Aug-12 Afghanistan

Always remembered never forgotten.

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