Wendy Searle has just become the 7th woman in the world to successfully complete the 702-mile ski expedition from the Hercules Inlet, close to the Antarctic coast to the South Pole. Wendy achieved this incredible human feat both solo and unsupported in a jaw-dropping 42 days!

Wendy pulled over 80kg of food and fuel supplies behind her in a sledge (called a Pulk), for around 12 hours a day over ice and snow and around crevasses, whilst battling high winds, covering an average of 27km a day.

Wendy had her first encounter with The Rifles when she took part in a Hadrian’s Wall March (organised by Paul “Coco” Cocoran) with 180 or so others for the 'Not Just Another Brick In The Wall' fundraiser, in aid of “Care for Casualties” - raising valuable funds to support our soldiers and veterans who suffer from PTSD. She said:

“I met lots of RIFLES veterans and they looked after me as one of their own. It was because of this event that I took the flag to the Pole. I was so inspired by the RIFLES veterans and how they all got together from all corners of the world to raise money for this important cause. I made friends for life on that march, and it was a vital part of my training so close to my expedition.”

Wendy is also a forces wife and works for the MOD, so the Army is a huge part of her life. She hopes that her achievement will encourage others to undertake similar challenges themselves, stating that - “I am just an ordinary person, I'm 42, I have four children, and I trained for this trip while working full time ... Really, if I can do this, anybody can."

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