Welfare & Communities

The Regiment has an enduring responsibility for the welfare of its serving Riflemen and their families, its veterans and the families of its Fallen. For the serving element of the Regiment this will be the responsibility of the Commanding Officer with the welfare of the families delegated to the Unit Welfare Officer. Commanding Officers are given an annual grant from The Rifles Regimental Trust to fund those activities such as adventure training, sport and support to families which are not covered by public funds.

Veterans are supported by The Rifles Benevolent Trust which funds benevolence grants to those in need and is administered by the Head of Welfare and Benevolence at RHQ The Rifles. Veterans include all those who served with our Forming Regiments as well as those who served with The Rifles.

Operational casualties and bereaved families are supported by funds from the Care for Casualties Appeal which through its Objects is able to provide grants to a wider range of needs than is possible through The Rifles Benevolent Trust, and is also administered by the Head of Welfare and Benevolence (RHQ The Rifles). The strapline ‘Care for Casualties’ and its logo have become synonymous with both Regimental fundraising and welfare and therefore will be used to describe both activities.

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