After a couple of years of working with the Dorset ACF Cadets from C and D Companies at the Bournemouth Marathon Festival helping out on the Finish Funnel 2Lt Thor Elsson has decided to take the next step and start running. 

"It's partly a fitness thing, partly to try and lead by example so my Cadets can see that their Detachment Commander is prepared to work hard to help others, partly to prove to myself that I can do this and wholeheartedly (as a Rifles badged ACF Detachment Commander) to support The Rifles Regimental Trust "Care For Casualties" Charity. Just to make it interesting i'll be running in my kit, including webbing, a bergan and helmet and wearing boots not trainers!"

Thor has decided to raise money for The Rifles Regimental Charity, Care for Casualties.

Care for Casualties was initiated in early 2009 to raise funds in order to assist those members of the Rifles Regimental family who were found to be in need, arising predominantly as a result of the Regiment’s almost continuous involvement in enduring operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Care for Casualties provides the severely wounded, their families and the families of our fallen Riflemen the support, the inspiration and the means to rebuild their lives and make the best of their futures in wider society. Care for Casualties isn’t only about funding, we also receive offers of help in kind such as holidays, advice, jobs and training which taken together can inspire self-sufficiency and hope. In the words of one supporter, “It’s not just the soldiers who serve, it’s their families too and we owe it to them to look after them all.”

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