Please no more Snow!


The “Beast from the East” may have hit us twice in the last month however this hasn’t slowed down 7 RIFLES busy schedule and it certainly didn’t stop any training. This is what we have been up-to over the last month;



            a.  Javelin Cadre.

            b.  Machine Gun Cadre.

            c.  CIS Training.

            d.  Shooting team.

2. Ex RARDEN WARRIOR; Section live firing from a Warrior and Echelon training.

3. Thames Valley Police community engagement.

4. RIFLES RSM meeting.




The Battalion deployed to Rollestone Camp (STA) to conduct the final ATE of the training year.  This consisted of a number of training cadres which included; Javelin, Machine Guns, CIS and Shooting team training.


Javelin Cadre.   Sjt Hilditch and CSjt Huddleston ran the first Javelin Cadre in number of years due to the re-enrolment of the Platoon to Aylesbury.  10 RFN successfully completed the Cadre.


Machine Gun Cadre.  WO2 O’Malley and CSjt Heaver conducted the annual Machine Gun concentration where they qualified 11 Rifleman into the Platoon. The Cadre consisted of Tactical training and live firing.



Shooting Team. This year we have started to train early to ensure we put maximum investment into the Battalion Shooting team. The first training consisted of a 10 day shooting camp under the ever diligent CSjt Cox.  The camp finished with the team competing at 5 RIFLES Operation Shooting Competition where the finished in the top ten and Lt Tzse finished fourth out of the whole competition. Well done Rifleman, fantastic result for your first Competition.





This was the first Battalion Exercise of the year with the support from D COY and MT PLT 5 RIFLES we were able to continue our Warrior conversion training. The Rifle Platoons moved forward with their live firing progression by completing section level attacks with the use of Warrior armoured vehicles.  This was the first time our Rfn have operated in a live firing scenario out of a Warrior. 



The echelon elements of the Battalion went through A1 training with 5 RIFLES A1 Commander Capt Matt Pallas. The training consisted of; Rolling Replens, vehicle break downs and configurations of A1 Echelon.  It was great to see all of the COY Commanders getting stuck into recovery of a vehicle from a bog…




We have continued are joint effort community engagement where we held a more detailed catch up with TVP in order to continue to progress our joint initiatives.  The 3 main outcomes achieved were:

  1.  Joint Medic Training.  This programme will continue with our CMT’s joining police and paramedics.  In addition we are scoping options to include 202 Field Hospital (Abingdon) with a possible vision to create D Detachment as a pool of medics that can be used to support the wider Army.
  2. Community Court.  We have agreed to work with TVP to deliver a ‘community court’ initiative.  This will occasionally use Brock Barracks and will encourage minor offenders to consider the impact of their actions by listening to the voices of the victims/community.  Obviously security will be provided by the police.
  3. Learning & Development.   We now plan to hold a joint day on Critical Incident Decision-Making training on 23 May.

RIFLES RSM meeting. 


I went to Brecon for the RSMs quarterly meeting where we discussed “all things RIFLES” I will fully brief all of the relevant points to the CSMs in the coming days.  I also had the opportunity to visit the different Divisions @ IBS, this was a good opportunity for me to speak to the DS about the up and coming courses and how we can best develop and prepare our RFN before they attend IBS.





Pte Natasha Rue represented B Company at the weekend by becoming the new KO promotion Middleweight Champion. Pte Rue will be defending her title in July.


Sjt Dave Walker G COY has been successfully selected as an instructor at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.


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