Rifles in the North East

8 RIFLES is The Rifles' Reserve Infantry Battalion of the North East, Yorkshire and West Midlands and is paired with 2 RIFLES. It will form in 2017, comprising of 500 part-time soldiers from a wide variety of backgrounds and has bases in North East, South and West Yorkshire, Birmingham and Shropshire. The Battalion will have three rifle companies and a headquarters company, each comprising approximately 100 soldiers, building upon existing RIFLES Reserve elements that already exist. The Battalion's principle mission is to train and prepare Reserve Riflemen for front line operations, where they serve alongside and integrated within Regular RIFLES units.

Reserve service in 8 RIFLES allows individuals to work outside the Army and yet commit to being a Rifleman part time. Training takes place over periodic weekends throughout the year, training nights during the week and for a consolidated 2-week period each year. Attendance at any specific training event is voluntary to take account of an individual's civilian commitments. Reserve Riflemen are paid for the training they undertake and can earn a financial bonus at the end of each year. The Training is very varied, based upon the sort of skills all people need and includes military training, adventurous training, fitness training and sport, together with overseas travel.

Reserve Riflemen wishing to commit to further training or an operational tour alongside a Regular unit have the opportunity to do so. Ex Regular Army officers and soldiers are very welcome and joining the Reserve may attract a financial bonus.


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