The Rifles' Biennial Awards Dinner - Award Winners

The Rigby Award

Awarded to the corporal who scores highest on The Rifles’ Corporal to Serjeant1 Promotion Board, held annually in the Army Personnel Centre, Glasgow. It is presented in memory of and by the family of Corporal John Rigby, who was killed in action on 22nd June 2007 while serving with 4 RIFLES in Iraq:

2018 - Joint winners:

Corporal, now Serjeant Pidsley 5 RIFLES

Corporal, now Serjeant Vaughn 4 RIFLES

2019 - Corporal, now Serjeant Russon 2 RIFLES


Champion Regular Shot

Awarded to the Regular Rifleman who scores highest in Army 100 (Queen’s Medal) Match, held at Bisley Ranges each year:

2018 - Lance Corporal Stanton 4 RIFLES

2019 - Corporal Stanton 5 RIFLES


Champion Reserve Shot

Awarded to the Reserve Rifleman who scores highest in the Reserve 50 (Queen’s Medal) Match, held at Bisley Ranges each year:

2018 - Corporal Meadows 6 RIFLES

2019 - Staff Sergeant Catt 7 RIFLES


Regimental History Award

The aim of the scheme is to encourage study into the history of The Rifles and its Forming and Antecedent Regiments.

2019 - Captain Burgess 1 RIFLES


Colonel Commandant’s Award for Innovation

Awarded to the individual whose submission is an original, innovative idea that has been (or will be) implemented and relevant to the Regiment’s core business - the successful conduct of military operations:

Corporal Leonard 3 RIFLES. For his work in support of STRIKE experimentation.


The Prince Philip Bugle Award

Awarded to the Bugler who is the winner of the Annual Bugle Competition and is also appointed as the Colonel-in-Chief’s Bugler for the coming year.

2018 - Corporal Merchant 3 RIFLES


Colonel-in-Chief’s Commendations 2018 & 2019

A Colonel-in-Chief’s Commendation may be awarded to any individual or, exceptionally, a team, section or group of eligible personnel from across the five pillars of the Regiment, in recognition of an outstanding act or meritorious service.

Warrant Officer Class 2 Barton, 6 RIFLES – For his personal example and a career of excellence within The Rifles

Corporal Clark, 2 RIFLES – For an outstanding performance well beyond his rank

Mr Paul Cocoran, Care for Casualties, The Rifleman’s Charity – For his outstanding fundraising support to Care for Casualties, The Rifleman’s Charity

Cadet Regimental Serjeant Major Croager, Wiltshire Army Cadet Force - For outstanding personal achievement

Lance Corporal Domonikabau, 2 RIFLES – For his care for his comrades and example as a Thinking Rifleman

Captain Edwards, Abingdon School Combined Cadet Force – For an outstanding contribution towards a RIFLES affiliated Combined Cadet Force

Major Hames, Oxfordshire Army Cadet Force – For exceptional work towards the preservation of the Regiment’s heritage

Corporal Harvell, 5 RIFLES – For his selfless commitment to others

Lieutenant Colonel Hill TD – For his unstinting 20-year chairmanship of The London Club/RIFLES Officers’ Club (London)

Mrs Penny Bates – For her unstinting work in support of the Associations Pillar

Colour Serjeant Hyland, 7 RIFLES – For his overall contribution to 7 RIFLES

Captain Mills, 1 RIFLES – For his exceptional support to the 1 RIFLES families

Major Moorhouse, 3 RIFLES – For his personal example and unstinting support to his riflemen in 3 RIFLES

Corporal Pugsley, Regimental Support Team Woolwich - For his exceptional contribution towards Regular recruiting in London and wider support to the Regiment

Serjeant Ray, 1 RIFLES – For his professionalism on operations and commitment to fellow riflemen

Serjeant Stout, 2 RIFLES – For exceptional performance on the battlefield

Rifleman Sumner, 2 RIFLES – For his example as a Thinking Rifleman

Team 5, 4 RIFLES – For professional excellence on the battlefield

Warrant Officer Class 2 (RQMS) Thomas, 6 RIFLES – For his contribution to 6 RIFLES and community engagement in the South West

Corporal Turner, 7 RIFLES – For his contribution towards RIFLES Reserve recruiting in London

Mr Anthony V de Walsh, The Rifleman’s Association & Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment Association – For total commitment and loyalty to the Associations pillar of The Rifles:

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