The Rifles capbadged ACF and CCF detachments are an integral part of the Regiment

They come from the national UK Army Cadet Force Association and Combined Cadet Forces from Schools and Colleges. Approximately 25% of the Army Cadet force Association wears a Rifles Cap Badge and the Regiment is currently affiliated with 48 Combined Cadet Forces around the country.

Cadet organisations provide challenging adventurous and community activities set against a flavour of military life. They are not recruiting agencies, but use military values to develop young people to play a dynamic and constructive role in society. It aims to inspire young people to ‘go further’ and achieve success in life with a spirit of service to community and country, to develop in the young the qualities of good citizens and employees.

Activities in the Cadets encourage the development of leadership and communicative skills, engendering the ability to work successfully as a member of a team. Training often of a challenging and exciting nature is used to foster confidence, initiative, self-reliance, loyalty and respect and a sense of service to others. All key qualities in a good Rifleman, and also in a good citizen who can contribute to their communities.

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