HRH The Duchess of Cornwall with The Colonel-in-Chief's Brooch

Nov 05, 2020



Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall, to mark her appointment as Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment in July 2020 was recently photographed wearing a brooch commissioned by The Rifles. For the past 13 years HRH has been the Royal Colonel of 4 RIFLES and with her elevation to the new role is incredibly proud to hold this prestigious post cementing her place within the regimental family.


Central to the heritage of the Regiment is the silver bugle horn used as the cap badge of The Rifles. The bugle horn, easily carried, and sonorous and penetrating in sound, was the ideal replacement for the drum and was therefore adopted by Light Infantry and later Rifle Regiments from the early 1800s to pass orders across the battlefield. Today, every Rifleman wears a silver bugle as their cap badge. 


The 45mm wide brooch is hallmarked 18 carat white gold and set with 206 cut diamonds. Three round emeralds adorn the bugle cords and sovereign’s crown. It is understood that the Colonel-in-Chief will wear the brooch while carrying out her duties and on special occasions where it would be appropriate.   


The Duchess’ father distinguished himself fighting alongside Riflemen in North Africa during World War II and the sacrifice and fortitude of his generation has always inspired her. There is no doubting how proud he would be to see her as Colonel-in-Chief of one of the finest fighting Regiments in the British Army.

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